From sociological research, from music to literature and the arts, a sensation has emerged: there is a tension, a constant search for simplicity, clarity, basic values.

After a period in which every communication channel has been overloaded with messages, languages, opposing values, colours, sounds, in an increasingly frantic rhythm, people now ask for simplicity, honesty and self-awareness.

Their aim is to get free from unnecessary clutter and superficiality which can only generate confusion after all. They wish to return to the simple values of life. To take things simply as they are, keeping their essence, with ease. To stop with the useless, futile, fancy things which just pass by and don't create anything solid.

This is exactly GAS’ aim: essentiality, functionality, immediacy, practicality, quality. Simplicity, once again is the key word. A simplicity which comes from a conscious and difficult choice. A brave choice.

Because to get rid of all unnecessary things, in everyday life such as in clothing, is definitely a very difficult thing to do.

Difficult, but possible.

This is GAS’ historical massage, the positive ethics vibrating in the logo. A message meant to be a hint, a suggestion, a proposal, a bit of advice, for a future that often appears unpredictable.

A message which is not shouted, not rhetorical: but whispered with a smile.

Keep it simple.