The iconic cotton jersey top, with its unmistakeable T-shape, has undergone numerous transformations since it was “borrowed” from men’s underwear! Since the 1950s it has been the natural thing to wear with jeans, and although the first women’s T-shirts were strictly white, by the 1970s colour and prints were all the rage. The T-shirts is a versatile, iconic item of clothing, with a thousand faces that reflect fashions and trends, through which a woman can express her mood and style. The top is an ultra-feminine version of the T-shirt. The history of the top is full of successes and surprises: like the T-shirt, it was initially associated with a woman’s intimate and private life, succeeding in widening its horizons to be on view for all to see and now available in an infinite range of materials and embellished with countless different finishes and decorations. Sporty, eclectic, chic and sexy: the thousand different faces of an item of clothing.