The mythic blue canvas – blue jeans, from the French bleu de Gênes – once used to make the trousers worn by Genoese sailors, over the years became a cult, with an important symbolic value and a high fashion content.

From being used as workwear, to becoming the disruptive symbol of independence and rebellion for 70s youth; from establishing as a must wear in the 80s and 90s, until evolving as part of tailored, handmade garments: jeans are an important part of the history of costume and GAS has written several pages.

Since the brand’s debut, denim is GAS’ DNA. It is its history and its future. An inseparable relationship has marked its international growth and recognizability and continues to be its cornerstone, the element that the collections revolve around.

Styling and cuts that enhance the body, an almost maniacal attention to the smallest detail, refined washes that give an authentic look, a roving eye for trends are the features that make customers all over the world choose GAS denim season after season.