Blog 9


When it comes to style, comfort and functionality, cotton is the perfect choice. Our customer favorite denims are also primarily made from cotton. However, to get you the perfect fit, it goes through a number of rigorous stages.

The cotton buds are picked from the cotton plant and this is the fibre we use to make our fabric Once harvested the raw cotton is compacted into a bale. One bale of cotton can be used to produce 215 pairs of denim jeans.

This is sent to a ‘ginner’ that cleans all the waste and is made ready for spinning.  It then goes through a process of carding, which refines and cleans the yarn. The cleaned cotton is then mixed into a ‘sliver’ (a thick rope) ready to be processed. The slivers are then combined and twisted in spinning creating the strong denim yarn. More than 30 slivers create one yarn. Then finally, your denim starts coming together.

We also pride ourselves in taking special care in working with the best mills in the world ensuring our cotton is sourced responsibly.