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Athleisure is a lifestyle. A true cross over between ‘leisure’ and ‘athletic- wear’. It brings comfort without compromising style, it brings versatility without compromising utility. We are more “on the move” than ever been before & adaptability is of utmost importance.

365 MOTION is GAS'
answer to the global trend of athletic wear which at the same time fully expresses the brand's denim DNA.

Garments designed to dress the attitude and lifestyle of the perfect globetrotters 365 days a year, combine an urban attitude with technical characteristics such as exceptional elasticity and a ‘return to shape’ that exceed the 360° imposed by physics.

Our 365 motion collection allows seamless transitions between the couch and running errands in style. Who doesn’t want that? What’s better is that the effort needed to put the outfit together is very minimal.

So, in the spirit of GAS, keep your outfits simple and take on your “on the move” lifestyle headfirst.