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Having evolved from a rare commodity, indigo dyed garments are now an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe. This dye has been used since Neolithic times in Europe. Highly prized for its colour & light fastness, pure indigo dye is extracted from the root of the Indigofera or woad plant. It has now also evolved to being manufactured & chemically adjusted into specific shades.

Indigo, the colour of GAS, finds its core in carefully selected denim yarns. Once the yarns are spun, they are separated & are ready for dyeing. Every vertical yarn of our blue denims is dyed with indigo in two methods : rope dyeing & slasher dyeing.

The yarns or ropes are passed through dye boxes filled with indigo dye for 30-60 seconds. Each time they pass through a box, we call it a dip. The more dips the yarn takes, the deeper the shade of indigo.