Dresses are the epitome of femininity, which GAS interprets with a pinch of grit and practicality. Dedicated to all women in the world today who live a dynamic and multi-faceted the life, without sacrificing style and fashion. The denim is lighter and has flowing lines and the bright appearance of Tencel. Rubber prints alternate with small and large ruches that frame the neckline of one-shoulder dresses. Striped jersey alternates with sangallo lace and a kimono line with thin shoulder straps. Each woman to their own look. Women’s dungarees, icon of carefree and uninhibited femininity, are another item of work clothes that have been one of the cornerstones of casual since the times of the youth counter culture. A recently revived evergreen. Whether they’re sporty chic or elegantly minimal, in denim or other fabrics, women’s dungarees are back with new interpretations, for an unmistakable one-piece style.